Evolutionary Miracles ….


How is it that a monkey

Monkey riding a dog.

Image via Wikipedia

Ain’t that a CUTE! monkey?

English: Saimiri sciureus. Français : Saimiri ...

Image via Wikipedia

This one is a real cute monkey, but:

How is it that a monkey is ‘our closest relative?’

I love reading about evolution.  I often read, “We don’t believe we are descended FROM monkeys.”  But, “We are descended from apes.”


Aren’t monkeys cuter?  Than this?

Gorilla gorilla

I know some people who look like this guy's cousin ... Image via Wikipedia

I know monkeys are cuter than apes …. especially as my relatives …. And I think our ‘cousin’ here is wondering about that also:

Gorilla Scratching Head

Image via Wikipedia

He is thinking, Who in the world would think you, Wayne, look like we are cousins?  Do you, Wayne, believe we look like cousins?

Well, I am not sure, and I know ‘scientists’ are still looking for the missing link.  I don’t think they will find one.

What do you think?

Do you really think I look more like an ape than a monkey?

On second thought, please, do not answer that.


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6 Responses to Evolutionary Miracles ….

  1. limey says:

    HI Wayne,

    Thanks for that, I wanted to be sure we would talk about the same thing and if the subject had moved from Humans / Apes to a more generic discussion.

    I am a lay-person when it comes to fossils, anatomy and all things palaeoanthropological and to me it seems that any fossil that is of an ancestor to a living animal must surely be a transitional fossil. For example, my parents are the transitional humans between my grandparents and me.

    Anyway, I have found this website which I’ve not come across before but seems utterly fantastic in terms of showing the evolutionary branches leading to the various species we know today.


    The following is a link for the primate tree section


    and on that page is a link to this: http://www.niu.edu/pubaffairs/RELEASES/2000/MAR/primate/Nature.htm

    from which I have pulled this snippet

    “We have the first unambiguous evidence that is able to bridge the anatomical gap between lower and higher primates,” said paleontologist Dan Gebo, a professor of anthropology at Northern Illinois University and lead author of the Nature article.

    • Wayne says:


      I like that!

      I guess what I am looking for is, at least to my simple mind, simple. I am looking for real transitional fossils.

      As I have studied, I have found more and more faked fossils rather than real fossils.

      If your article’s claim is true, there is hope for Evolutionary Science. I seldom read evolutionist scientists alluding to the volume of non-evidence. This phrase, “first unambiguous evidence,” gives me hope they are conducting real science.

      Your article intrigues me. I wonder what the fascination is with Chinese fossils?

      Just last week, I watched a scientist discussing how common faked fossils are from China. It would seem that they have factories to produce faked fossils. Some of the fake fossils are pretty darn good.

      In this wiki, [1.] they meniton Dr. Timothy Rowe, from UT who found the Archaeoraptor fossils to be fakes. What I find very ironic is their claim, “Currie did not inform National Geographic of these problems.”

      Well, Dr. Rowe claimed that he, Dr. Rowe, DID notify Nat Geo. And National Geographic published anyway. [2.]

      It is ironic that they would knowingly publish false data. And then they would cover up. IMHO. Of course, it could be they had little to do in the cover up. But, who else would benefit from covering up that the fossil had been faked, and the article was published KNOWING it was a fake fossil?

      BTW, this website really goes into the illegal trade from China: [3.] What I like about this is how extensive production of fake fossils has become.

      I hope that your mentioned find will help bring Science back into the study of Evolution. It is a shame that sham science seems to have outweighed real science for most of the 1990’s.


      1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archaeoraptor
      2. http://www.prlog.org/11125068-evolution-grand-experiment-why-some-evolutionists-are-up-in-arms-over-it.html
      3. http://www.paleodirect.com/fakechinesefossils1.htm

  2. limey says:

    Hi Wayne

    Its not that Humans evolved from Apes, its that Humans and Apes both evolved from a common ancestor. If you have a population and they seperate and the two groups have no breeding interaction, they will eventually diverge into two distinct species. When the evolutionary tree is drawn this sort of branching is seen everywhere.

    As for missing link, well thats a bit of a misleading phrase. There are many fossils that fit to various stages of the evolutionary tree and they all add weight to the evidence for evolutions. No single fossil will ever nail for certain, you need all the evidence together.

    • Wayne says:

      So, how many ‘trasitional fossils’ have been found?

      • limey says:

        Define ‘trasitional fossils’.

      • Wayne says:

        Transitional fossils are fossils of species in the transitional phases from one species to another.

        Often these are called ‘missing links.’ But, more appropriately for evolution, these are transitional fossils.

        Keeping this real simple. Archaeopteryx is usually described as a transitional fossil between dinosaurs and birds. And is the only accepted transitional fossil I am aware of. There is some dispute on that, but not like there is about other links in the evolutionary history.

        And here is a wiki, I hate using wiki. But, it is late.

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