NPR lied about Apple in China


Apple was hit with crazy accusations about work conditions in China.

Well, NPR lied. NPR lied about Apple.


I like Apple. And I am typing this on my 27″ iMac. [Everyone should own one.]

But, my concern is the media.

Public radio & television and for profit radio & television have developed alongside Hollywood. And their image of America is not good, nor is it good for America.

Their news is intentionally destructive.

So, are the movies.

Deadly parties blame movies.

English: Hollywood actor John Wayne visited Au...

Image via Wikipedia of John Wayne in Australia entertaining the troops during WW2.

In the 1950’s, kids were taught to be like John Wayne in the movies. They were taught to say,, “Yes, sir” and “Yes, ma’am.” I don’t believe everyone has to be like John Wayne, but being like John Wayne was a lot better for America than all the lying, cheating, stealing, murdering, and cheap sexuality in our movies and in our media today.

How is it movies can win an Oscar for bad behavior? Who is proud enough of terrible behavior to give an award? Financial or otherwise?

I think it is out of control.

And that out of control has cost lives, money, and reputation. Where is the end? When will our Congressmen begin to behave like leaders and say “Enough?” It is so bad that the so-called Supreme Court has ruled that children have a right to violent video games.

What? Since when does anyone have a right to violent video games? The Declaration of Independence clearly told us Rights are God given, not given by elitists against the natural rules of law …. That is another blog.

I do not know what Apple will do, or can do.

Maybe they can acquire public radio and tv, and make them better citizens?

Or, at least they can sue them into poverty.

And then maybe Hollywood would calm down in fear they might be next?

What do you think?

Has media gone so far beyond reporting the news that we cannot trust any of them?

Do you trust the news?


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