What is the problem with pornography?


What is the problem with pornography?

What is not the problem?

First, it teaches men and women that people are merely objects.

Second, it teaches men and women a bad method of sexual communication. Or, in other words, they substitute a fake for the real thing. Then when they get the real thing, they don’t know how to behave with the other sex.

Third, it is teaching America that fake is better than real.

Fourth, people are believing that lie ….

But, the reverse is true.

I am meeting men and women who are tired of the lie. I am meeting people, especially young people who know the lie is not good for them.

Unfortunately, they are not being taught what IS GOOD for them.

Church and Family have been hit hard by the lies of our modern culture.

With the loss of authority, in Churches and Families, young adults are confused about what to do.

Do you think we can turn back the tide of cultural destruction in America?


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12 Responses to What is the problem with pornography?

  1. OLUWTOSIN!!! says:

    Any form of sin takes further than you would want to go and cost more than you are willing of pay…yet it pretends to please and give you pleasure!I use the word “pretend”,because the pleasure you get from sin,say,pornography 4 instance is always only immediate thus temporary and never permanent because as you have rightly said,its fake…the problem is the Christian family as a whole tend not to talk about this(as you said no one is teaching the good things),maybe because the feel the world should be able to solve it,No that is very wrong,the only solution to this is Knowledge(my people perish for lack of Knowledge)and must come from the Word of God,teaching them the difference between fake immediate pleasure and real Ultimate pleasure…Great read,thanks…

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  3. Great post and so important. I had a young man recently tell me that his addiction to porn was “eating him alive.”

    • Wayne says:

      I do not know how they get to that point in their lives.

      But, I have had many men tell me the same thing.

      But, it is devastating to their relationships. Some women feel pornography is worse than a real affair. And it can be devastating to a marriage.

      How can we help young men?


      • They get to that point because it is just so pervasive. Especially for young men, it is literally everywhere!

        This is incredibly damaging to marriages and it’s got to be dealt with aggressively. I think our churches are beginning to realize the importance of helping ppl. overcome the addictions, but we still need to do so much more in recognizing & helping.

      • Wayne says:

        That is a great perspective! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Joey Coons says:

    very true. Pornography destroys lives so badly. It is very addictive in nature as well and will have a hold on you sooner than you think it can. I love that you are speaking the Biblical truth about this issue. The world needs to hear it.

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