What the “Monumental” movie taught me


OK, I saw the movie, and the movie itself taught me a lot. I will blog about the movie soon.

But, getting into the movie taught me a lot … It is amazing how much you can learn about people in a few moments.

The sales clerk became rude. Now in fairness to him, he felt that I should not see a movie after the movie had started. But, he talked passed me to the customer behind me while he spoke to me. As he looked passed me, he said to me, “I’m sorry, I can’t sell you a ticket.”

I left, and he apologized to the people behind me again for ‘my behavior.’

But, I still did not learn what I was to learn yet.

I left and calmed down as I drove.

I am a Texan, and our rides have calmed us down for centuries.

I went back and asked to speak to the manager about the clerk’s rudeness.

Ironically, he kept telling me that he had been rude because I was rude.

I wasn’t learning yet, but my DVR recorder was on this time. At about this time, I pulled out a DVR and showed him.

I have NEVER seen a transformation like that, ok, I have seen some close.

He completely came apart. He cried. He said “I really was sorry.”

Then the manager and a police officer came out front. By now, what I was learning was beginning to sink in.

We are still accountable. We don’t want to be accountable for our actions. We believe we can be rude and angry to others. But, when we are caught, we do regret our actions.

So, what does that tell me?

We are not beyond hope. We are just numb. We just go through life on an automatic mode. And we believe we are not responsible for our actions. But, when we are confronted with our true actions we still realize we are guilty of our bad actions.

If we were truly beyond hope, we would not admit guilt even when we are caught in the act.

So, I am hopeful. And I am hopeful for the young man. I pray that he has friends who will help in a correct direction.

It is easy to have bad friends mis-guide someone.

So, I pray the Spirit of God works through him, his co-workers, and people around him to change his life in a positive manner.

He did reach enough remorse to be in a changeable state …. whether or not he changes positively depends upon his reaction, and the stimuli around him.

PS – the movie was GREAT!

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