America prepares to attack America


I read about this on the web. Then I read up on it. And while this post covered the topic well, it did sound a little crazy to me.

But, I read the link at and before Congress.

While the blogger did a decent job of wading through the number, he missed several things.

When he was comparing the number of rounds used in Iraq, he did not separate the combat from the training rounds. I don’t know what that requirement would be, but it would be significant. Nor, did he separate out the automatic weapons fire from non-automatic. Automatic weapons consume much more ammunition than do semi-automatic weapons.

Troops get ‘trigger happy.’ I know. I have ‘rocked and rolled.’ If you have to clean it later, you might as well have a little fun.

So, the annual counts are greatly skewed. I would guess that the ammunition Homeland Security and Customs bought would be enough for a fifteen year war against Americans.

I do not believe our civilian personnel need 1.2 rounds of ‘cop killer’ bullets (*) per each American, including children.

Do you?

On top of all the ammo all ready in the police system, did we need to add more than 450 million rounds?

That is roughly 400 rounds per violent criminal act. 80% of those committing violent crimes are never arrested (off the top of my head, google it and tell me how close I was). So, they think they need roughly 2,000 rounds more for each person they will arrest for a violent crime?

It typically takes combat soldiers a couple of hundred rounds per kill. NOTE: counting training rounds and the rounds fired by Vulcans is a little misleading in kill rates.

So, we want our Federal Police to be able to kill 10 civilians per each bad guy they kill?

Or, will they kill our local Police so there won’t be any organized resistance?


Is it just me, or is that crazy?

I don’t get it. Did Obama pay off one of his campaign contributors? Does he really ‘hope’ he won’t kill off tens of millions of Americans?

Just how can the same people who want to take our guns, because guns are bad, be such WAR MONGERS?

I think the Government should not be allowed to have 1% of that much ammo.

And I thought the reason we couldn’t buy ammo when Obama brought us “hope you can believe in” was that all the crazies went and bought all the ammo.

I did not realize that the Federal Government was buying up the ammo to use on civilians.

Do you find this scary?

Or, is this just to stimulate the economy?

Is this a way to scare your opposition?

And I thought Bush was the bad guy? And Obama was the good guy? …. wasn’t that what we were told?

Or, is it just me?


(*) 1. FBI data.

2. A Vulcan is a multi barrelled machine gun. Kid friendly toy vulcan. M134 Minigun Vulcan.

We don’t need Vulcans in the USA. In my humble opinion.

3. Some of you may not like my ‘cop killer’ bullet comment and might point out that these are not specifically designed to defeat body armor the way most ‘cop killer’ bullets are.

But, this round IS designed to go through much more body armor than other bullets of a similar design.

I know.

They tried to sell me some at the store last month.


Me? I don’t like hollow points for use in self-defense.

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3 Responses to America prepares to attack America

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  2. justturnright says:

    Do they have more than they “need”?
    Oh, yeah.

    Of course, they won’t need to use ANY ammo some of the major metropolitan areas, since such a high percentage of people in many coastal cities aren’t even armed, at least legally.

    Once they get off the coasts, though, …….it may get a bit tougher.

    • Wayne says:

      Whew! It is scary that Homeland ‘Defense’ uses unlawful weaponry on American Civilians.

      But, they won’t against terrorists ….


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