Andy Griffith left Mayberry for Heaven

The Andy Griffith show was a CLASSIC.

Our actor and character has gone on. But, I think, he has now completed his desire of being a Moravian Preacher with his meeting his Lord.


National Post | Arts

Actor and TV legend Andy Griffith passed away on Tuesday aged 86, and while he will almost certainly be best known as the man behind Matlock and, of course, The Andy Griffith Show, there are some interesting things you might not have known about the screen legend.

His singing chops were as big as his acting ones
Griffith originally had hopes of becoming a Moravian preacher but instead chose to major in music while at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, singing with the school’s Carolina Play Makers. It shouldn’t be a surprise that he also enjoyed a successful career as a Southern gospel singer, winning a Grammy Award in 1996 for I Love to Tell the Story: 25 Timeless Hymns. The platinum-certified album marked Griffith’s first time in the studio since he recorded comedy and vocal albums in the 1950s and ’60s. describes I Love…

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